• Shapeshifting- Abilitiy to turn into anything found in nature.There is only one good kitsune, and onr bad kitsune.
  • Pyrokinesis: the ability to create and control fire.
  • Kitsunetsuki - Possession.
  • Hoshi no tama - The kitsune star ball.
  • Fox-fire- Kitsune can produce fire and lightning by rubbing their tails. Kitsune can also create small balls of fire and even breathe fire.
  • Dream Manipulation - Willful manifestation in the dreams of others
  • Flight
  • Invisibility
  • Creation of illusions - To a kitsune and for others, their illusions are reality.
  • Magic - Kitsune can study any normal field of magic.
  • Mind Control- A kitsune can cause someone to see anything the kitsune wishes, or overlook anything the kitsune wants them to, similar to compulsion.
  • Others - Greater powers include bending time and space(once they have all nine tails), drive people mad, or take fantastic shapes such as a tree of incredible height or a second moon in the sky.

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